Zero-to-DApp tshirt --- haven't gotten mine


Anybody else that still hasn’t gotten their t-shirt yet? I think I’ve been waiting for at least a month maybe more, still nothing.

Any news on them, I’ve ordered it already, just haven’t arrived.


@moxiegirl @thaonguyenle


@thinkverse if you submit to you should receive an email to the address you used in the submission. We send out emails within a week of your submission. The email has a coupon for you to order your tshirt, free, from our supplier.

If you haven’t received your tshirt email, you can email me directly [email protected] and supply your email, I’ll check it on our database and resend.

If you received the email and used the coupon, the shipment comes from our supplier. If you haven’t received the shipment, let us know. We have reports from India that our shipments are not making it there. We are working with our shipper and looking into other options to solve this problem.


@moxiegirl yeah, I used my coupon, like a month ago or so, never got anything, not even an email confirming the order.


@thinkverse I’m sorry that happened. Please go ahead and email me with the email you used. We will follow up with our shipper to find out where your shipment is and get a new one out to you.


Thank you @moxiegirl

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