XOR Drive - New file manager app


Happy new year everyone!
We deployed an initial version of a new app called XOR Drive for storing and managing all your files on Blockstack. All your files are stored encrypted, and decentralized as you can choose where you keep your data (thanks to Blockstack).
Here are the features we have implemented so far:

  1. Upload files and folders
  2. Drag and drop upload (only on desktop)
  3. Create folders
  4. Move folders/files to another folder
  5. Publicly share a file
  6. Download files/folders
  7. Rename files/ folders
  8. Mark as favorites
  9. Trash & delete
  10. File previews (working on supporting more file types)

Here are the features we have on our roadmap:

  1. Share with other users
  2. Tags
  3. Display file and folder details
  4. Activity for file and folder
  5. Passphrase protection
  6. Grid view
  7. Drag and drop to move to other folders
  8. Dark mode
  9. Clone a file
  10. Mobile apps

We’ve made sure the currently deployed version works fine in mobile browsers too.
We would love to hear your feedback, suggestions, and questions.


Wishing you all a great 2019!


Gaia as user?

Blockstack’s white paper publicly shared using XOR drive: https://xordrive.io/?p=xordrive.id.blockstack_9e9c6cb3-ba73-39dc-85e2-5d3e6cbd813c

Bitcoin white paper: https://xordrive.io/?p=xordrive.id.blockstack_a3be6c37-48b3-059b-a1bb-413542339f85


This a great app. You need to integrate blockusign into it


We are featured on Product Hunt today!