Why I cant purchase Blockstack username?



You should ask Mods e.g @jude


Hi Thy!

My understanding is that this is because on Windows you are not actually running a full blockstack node. So it can’t create the Bitcoin transactions it needs to buy a name. The Python code is not running.

You can use onename.com to get an .id for free, onename (old commercial part of Blockstack) will pay the transaction fees for you!

Also: you don’t need a name to be able to register for the Token Sale. Worth noting.


Hey @1AD9fQTxSbZi8J9mu7xw

For reasons @aaronb can explain better than I can, registering usernames on Windows is currently disabled. If you’re trying to register for the token sale, you don’t need a username :slight_smile: We’ll have a Windows build out soon that enables it.


Is this still true? Do you have to verify some social media before the registration happens? How long is it valid for? How long should it take to process?


I did not receive any Voucher. I don’t know why?

I’m sure that I do anything as you guys say. i.e. provide my legal name (government ID)

Please, help me.


@jude @larry please help her (1AD9fQTxSbZi8J9mu7xw)