Why can't you create a namespace as easily as a name?


What are the drawbacks of making the namespace stake the same as owning a name? Like, why can’t anyone create a namespace as easily as generating a name?

Namespace Conventions

I’m not sure I understand your question. Anyone can create a namespace. Can you clarify?


@david Anyone can make a namespace using the command line interface but yes it is a bit more difficult. We’re working on making it easier but there are a few more moving parts when you create a namespace, like setting the parameters of the namespace and pre-registering names.

Another concern is that someone can more easily blow away a large amount of Bitcoin when creating a namespace, and we want to prevent anyone from making a big mistake there.

Thus, the goal here is to make it extremely easy to set up a namespace but to have safeguards and require the user to confirm their actions at several stages in the namespace creation process.

CC’ing @jude on this as well so he can provide additional thoughts.