Where the transaction happens?


I try to find everywhere in blockstack-core but can’t find where the transaction happens, could anyone tell me in which python file? Thanks!


IIRC blockstack core doesn’t do any of the transactions - they are instead made on the client side and broadcasted via other Apis like bitcore, a generic bitcoin TX server.


Thanks, so it is in the blockstack.js or anywhere else?


Yes, more or less. You can see how it works here, though it’s a little complicated:


  • make the name pre order transaction
  • make the actual order transaction
  • make the zone file
  • call blockstack.js to send them out


In blockstack.js the main net is defined to use https://broadcast.blockstack.org. What application is running there?


Can you explain me how blockstack works?


I’m confused as well. But maybe we can discuss it:joy: