What is a "Custom Token"?

  • should there be a new category called “bounty questions”?
  • for the Universal Wallet bounty, what exactly is a “custom token”? Is this an OMNI BTC token on shapeshift or something else?

Thanks for bringing this up, @cole. If you have questions about the bounty, please submit them via our question form. CC @xan @patrick


I balked at the form because it has a mandatory email field.

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Hi Cole. Great point about a category, firing that up shortly and thank you. Yes by custom token we mean OMNI as well as any new ETH based token, similar to how mycrypto.com allows a user to add support for newly created tokens.

The form required an email so that I could respond. We will start directing people here to the forum for questions instead, as that will allow them to reference others’ questions as well. Again great point and thank you for the suggestion!



@cole Just an update, we created a “bounty questions” category and have moved your question from community to there. Thanks!