What happens when a user with a blockstack ID looses access to their private key


Hello everyone , I am a newbie dev here. The burning question I have is what happens say for example a user no longer has access to the private key they used to sign up for a blockstack ID?. Suppose that the device they used which therefore holds they key gets lost or stolen maybe even crashes… what recovery means are there If any?..Lots of other decentralized projects/BlockChains have this issue and I would like to know If Its the case for BlockStack as well. And before you ask seed phrases recoveries I am not a big fan of them!!! Anyone here who has been in the community for a while, they probably know how to get around this issue, If it is indeed any issue. Please reply. Thanks.


They lose the ability to update, transfer, or renew the name, and they lose the ability to use apps.

Don’t lose your private key. Make offline backups.