What happened with my username after creation & login?


I’m lost here. Created my new blockstack ID with username stevengort.id.blockstack. I was sent the confirmation email with magic recovery code.

Login procedure is also confusing. Sign in with the magic recovery code requires me to recreate a password?! and I end up with an ID without my previously created username and the situation where that name is taken?!!


Sorry about this confusion, stevengort.

Can you confirm that your registered username is still not showing up upon signing back in? Sometimes users encounter problems with newly registered names failing to appear when having signed out and back into the Blockstack Browser (given that it takes over an hour for registrations to process fully).

I also fully agree this login procedure is confusing. We’re currently working on designs to resolve the password confusion you indicate here.

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Ok. Tried it again. Went fine now.
Pasted the recovery code, was asked for the password & email. Logged into blockstack without any further problems or confusing matters.

I will now walk through the Animal Kingdom tutorial. That didn’t work out properly the first time. Will create new support item when I ran into problems there. This one can be closed.

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