Weekly Updates 10/15-10/19, 2018


Weekly Updates 10/15-10/19.

This is what some of us at Blockstack PBC last week. There are certain things e.g., legal matters or updates on internal infrastructure etc that we can’t make public for regulatory or security reasons.

Blockstack Core

  • Added an audit command for auditing the genesis block
  • Added /v1/dids endpoint for resolving DIDs to DDOs
  • Added /v1/subdomains/{:txid} for querying the subdomain operations processed in a Bitcoin transaction.
  • Modify /v1/names to return the name’s DID
  • Documented did:stacks:v0 DID method for the W3C
  • Improved code for loading the genesis block

Blockstack CLI

  • Merged PR for printing out testnet addresses


  • Reviewed PR to fix replaying the content header on read


  • iOS SDK work (validateProofs PR, code review feedback for other outstanding PRs)
  • Prepped talk for Berlin meetup/panel (“The Case Against Individual Data Ownership”)
  • OKR discussions

Engineering Misc.

App Mining

  • Launched App Mining!
  • Many last-minute improvements made to App.co in support of App Mining’s launch (updated website here)

Comms / Events

  • Finalized details for Vancouver, Portland, and Seattle hackathons happening this and the next 2 weekends
  • Community Evangelist call
  • Final details for Seattle Meetup on the 24th


  • Built out financial model forecast to 2020
  • Some minor updates to our team page on blockstack.org
  • Updated job recs for UI engineer, Product Designer. Updated reqs on careers page