Weekly Stacks 2.0 Progress Thread


Each week progress on Stacks 2.0 will be published below:


  • Proposed an update to SIP-007 that would make the threshold level of STX holdings required to participate in Stacking dependent on the level of participation. The update also includes a time-windowing proposal for Proof of Transfer. → Details on Github
  • Implemented the Clarity Smart Contract traits to enable Dynamic Dispatch, and the issue is now under review to be merged. → Details on Github
  • Finished an issue to enable transactions to be stored that are received from the peer test network. This will allow a transaction mempool on the upcoming STX Mining test net. → Details on Github
  • The team is currently considering building support for pooling/delegation for stacking as a native feature of the protocol. This could remove the need to give up custody or use a smart contract to pool. We are still very early in this process, and if we do decide to build any delegation capability we will first circulate a SIP with details.

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  • The update to SIP-007 is in QA Review. This would make the threshold level of STX holdings required to participate in Stacking dependent on the level of participation. The update also includes a time-windowing proposal for PoX. → Details on Github
  • The team finished implementing dynamic cost tracking for runtime and analysis for the Clarity VM. The SIP this is included in can be seen in detail here.
  • The team is working on an issue that enables the Genesis Block of the Stacks 2.0 test net, which will better enable testing token transfers on test net. → Details on Github

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  • Addition of native support for Stacking Delegation to SIP-007: This will allow any STX Holder to delegate the requirements to Stack to a third party, without losing custody or making a transfer of their STX Tokens. This may lower the barrier for individuals to build delegation services for STX Holders and for institutional providers to integrate them.
    Details on Github


Stacks 2.0 Weekly Update: Testnet Coming Soon!

Welcome back, this week’s edition is particularly exciting as there are new details available on the upcoming launch of the public Stacks 2.0 tesnet. Projected for the week of March 30th, the testnet will operate in several phases in preparation for a successful mainnet launch.

→ Learn more about the Stacks 2.0 testnet in this forum post.

Keep watching these updates for new information, we’ll be sending important information leading up to the testnet going live and you’ll receive a notification when it’s publicly accessible.

In addition to working on the testnet, here is what the Stacks blockchain developers have been focused on this past week:


Welcome back to the weekly update on the anticipated Stacks 2.0 protocol upgrade, including PoX. Please be sure to join the Blockstack Community Townhall on March 25th (9:30am EDT). The focus will be the soon-to-launch Stacks 2.0 testnet previewed in this post last week.
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Here are some highlighted technical updates from this past week: