Visualizing the Blockstack stack


From @jeffd in slack:

Revising this to make it a bit more simple and readable. @larry I know you include all these components when you introduce Blockstack to devs. What do you think about including everything vs. editing down?


I include all of the components in my presentations to emphasize to the audience that there’s a lot of stuff going on under the hood to make things work that Blockstack hides from developers and users.

I also follow it with an image that shows which services these result in for developers.

I’m for including everything so that people who are interested in learning more have a method of discovering the components - those that aren’t can jump to the top of the privacy.


I think what is missing is what are all the API and interfaces available for each function/layer and what are the currently available libraries/modules and for which programming languages for each function/layer.
As a noob it was/is not so clear what to use and where to look. These things are important esp if one wants to extend or integrate to the stack.