UX, UI, & Design Help For App Builders


:wave: Hey yall. Iโ€™m going to publish a post across the interwebs and hopefully refer new product designers to the Blockstack ecosystem. I will send them to this post. They will be looking for teams who need design help, can offer freelance work, or have opportunity to join as cofounders.

If you need product design help please reply below. Say hello, share your app, and maybe a best way to contact you. Thanks I hope this works :slight_smile:


After posting here also recommend joining the Blockstack Slack: https://community.blockstack.org/slack

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Iโ€™d offer to split 10% cafe-society.news revenue for good design, but so far itโ€™s not enough revenue to fold and stuff in your pocket.

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I am currently working for Blockstack as a community person and no longer running the design business for now.
However, my partner (David) runs the design show at Zensite.Design and for those who needs design help, he is able to help out.
His email : [email protected]


Thx @colealbon that is exactly the kind of connection Iโ€™m trying to foster here :muscle: