(Unofficial) Blockstack Extension - Released!


Unofficial Blockstack Extension

This is a web extension to add Blockstack support to the Web Browser by making it so a user can log into the browser and authenticate apps via popup windows instead of through https://browser.blockstack.org/ or having to run their own instance of the Blockstack Browser. This makes the experience much more native and easy to use!

Currently you can not edit your profile or manage your wallet. This is more of a proof of concept then a finished product, and it may have bugs; use it at your own risk!



  • Creating/Recovering Accounts
  • Securely storing Backup Phrase using AES-192 encryption
  • Managing Multiple Identities
  • App Authentication
  • App lookup via blockstack-browser’s repo

Known Issues

I take no responsibility for bad things happening to your profile.json! Use at your own risk!

  • No way to edit or update profile, register names, use wallet, etc
    • Main component is still WIP and in /src_archive for now.
  • Sometimes profile parsing will bug and the extension will upload a new one, overriding your old profile


Hey everyone!

For fun over this first part of the summer I’ve worked on translating the logic within the Blockstack Browser into a web extension, mostly because I found the Windows implementation of the Browser to be… a little disappointing and hard to work with. I also thought that such an implementation would be much more user friendly, kind of how MetaMask is for Eth.

Built with Vue.js, Vuex, and Typescript, this runs off of the WebExtensionAPI, so it should be cross-browser compatible (even on mobile!).

You can see the preview of how it works here (or click to get higher-res gyfcat version):

Thanks for reading, and if you have any comments or questions, leave them below!

soli deo gloria


This is amazing @MichaelFedora, great work! Can’t wait to try this out!


Whoa! This is incredible. I want to try this as soon as you’re willing to share!


Very cool @MichaelFedora! :smile:


Awesome, @MichaelFedora!


Amazing work! This is really important for lowering barriers to entry, great job.


Cool, I like it! Indeed this will be important for lowering barriers :smiley:


Wow…incredible work! Excited to see it come to fruition and to test it out.


Wow this is really cool.


Love this. Cant wait to see more.


Wow! Awesome! I can’t wait to try it out :slight_smile:


Release day! I’ve done all I want to do on it for now… don’t have enough time to do everything =(

Due note that there are a little bit of bugs that sometimes it will fail in parsing your profile and upload a new one, overriding your old profile - I take no responsibility for this happening! Use at your own risk!

Otherwise, hope you guys enjoy it! Not a replacement for the main browser (see: profiles), but it’s still quite fun to use.


This is freaking awesome, dude! Great work. I installed it…lots of fun and very convenient to use. Thank you!


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