Uninstall blockstack in macOs


I can’t find any information on how could I remove/uninstall blockstack totally from my mac
Could you please provide this info here and add corresponding chapter to your docs


@githubgit Dragging the application to the Trash folder will completely uninstall the application.


Besides dragging the application to your trash you will want to do a couple of other things… go to your finder - go - go to folder - insert “~/Library/” - enter - locate “Application Support” - open - locate folder named “blockstack” - and trash this too. Then in the same place “~/Library/” - find whatever browser you have been using e.g., safari - open it then find LocalStorage - open that and locate files with blockstack in the name e.g., http_blockstack-todos.appartisan.com_0.localstorage
http_blockstack-todos.appartisan.com_0.localstorage-wal and delete those too. I believe you will have removed blockstack from your mac at that point. Note - if you used another browser e.g., firefox or something, repeat the above in reference to safari browser procedure. Make sense? On another note, where you having issues getting it to run on your mac? Let me know? Good luck.


Thank you
Your help is highly appreciated


No worries, just trying to help.