Unable to recover Blockstack ID — Chrome + Mac


Hi there,

I trid to log in the other day and it said I logged out or need to setup blockstack. I never logged out, so maybe it was an update?

I’m unable to recover my account.

When I enter the recovery key and choose a password, the “Restore Keychain” button does not respond to input. I tried Safari, and the same thing happens.


@justin0xffffff This can sometimes take a while. There is an open issue with similar symptoms, however what is more likely is that you haven’t waited long enough. Sometimes it can take a minute or two. We also have an issue for adding a loading indicator to the restore process.

As far as what logged you out, you likely cleared your localStorage where the account details are kept. If you wait and the keychain still doesn’t restore please add your voice to the issue above.


Thanks for your help! I’ll give it ago and get back to you!



So, I removed and reinstalled blockstack only to find myself having the same issue. I left the tab open for about 2 hours now to no avail.

Are there any next steps?


Are you seeing any errors in the logs?


A couple asm.js invalid warnings


Just updated this morning to the latest version.

The problem persists.

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 12.15.47 PM


Jack same issue was happening to me for a long time as well.

Waiting time isn’t the issue. My issue was using Chrome Incognito, hard refresh and not using incognito solved my problem, not sure why?


I’m still having this issue.

@eminsblock What exactly did you do? Can you describe the steps please? I’m still locked out :confused:


Hi, if you wrote by hand your keychain phrase maybe this can help you: Mnemonic keychain phrase “soft” loss recovery method


@justin0xffffff have you signed in successfully prior to this issue?


I have not been able to sign in to Blockstack. Nothing seems to work


Stiiiiiil no dice…

Has anyone else figured out how to recover their blockstack?


I copied it to a secure note in my password manager. I’ve used it before successfully, and now, it just hangs when I enter the password. It doesn’t tell me if the key is incorrect, wrong, broken, incomplete, etc.

I simply past the seed, and hit the button, and nothing happens. The button doesn’t respond to input.

If the seed is wrong, it should, at the very least, say “wrong key”. It does not do this.


Hi, if your wallet is empty and no identity registered in that account you can forget about it, try to open a new account and do logout and login before transferring balance to the wallet or registering an identity, it’s just an experiment… if everything works fine there is many chances that the problem is the password keychain.

Good luck