Unable to login in after upgrading blockstack for windows


Hi all, and hope someone can help,
Just finished upgrading blockstack to the latest version and it asks me to re-login my password, unfortunately i dont seem to remember it :frowning: tried every known combo i usually use with no luck, even tried using my keychain phrase as a password.

what am i missing? and how can i use my keychain phrase to recover my account?


Hey @Moz,

If you still have your 12-word passphrase, you can recover by doing the following steps:

  • Start the blockstack browser
  • clear localStorage from the developer console (or open an Incognito window at http://localhost:8888)
  • you should be presented with the onboarding screens. Instead of generating a new 12-word phrase, click the option to enter an existing 12-word phrase.
  • enter your existing 12-word phrase

This should recover your profile.


:sweat_smile: Thanks @jude!


Which OS are you using ? Windows 10/8/7 ? I’ve had a similar problem after i upgraded my Windows 10 ,
You can login your other user account on computer, and remove the old password,
Learn more : https://www.recoverywindowspassword.com/


The logging issue is happening with me a the most of the users and the thing is that it is only getting problem on the Windows platform. It might be happening because of the Microsoft compatibility telemetry and the users have to take care of that.