Towards App launch via BNS


The identity foundation defines a link between DIDs and domains in

I proposed to use cli-blockstack to create a corresponding entry in the .well-known file:

What should go into the profile of an app? Something like this?

"claim": {
      "@type": "SoftwareApplication", // or specific type of SoftwareApplication
      "@context": "",
      "url": ""
      "name": "OI App Center",

Where should the manifest url go? Or a link to a mobile app?


I used the cli-blockstack to write the profile for as a SoftwareApplication

and then I created a simple App launcher using the Blockstack Naming System:

I decided to reference the web manifest file as the url in the blockstack profile, not the app landing page url. The start_url is taken from the web manifest. Is that the right way to do it? It results in two http calls when launching.

The manifest url in the blockstack profile uses an old school domain name. The next step is to use ipfs or so. Can runkod provide some decentralized storage solution without DNS? How to best use gaia without DNS?

Also note, the app launcher does not verify the domain and blockstack id using .well-known did-configuration when launching.