Tor Project considering Blockstack for `.tor` TLD


Really excited to learn from Hacker News that the Tor Project is considering blockstack for a new top level .tor domain to make .onion addresses more usable:


This would be a big step forward for Tor, nobody likes typing in long fingerprints as addresses :smiley:

And btw: There was already an attempt to replace Tor’s onion addresses with OnioNS.


Mike Freedman connected us to some Tor developers and we’re following up. Yep, this can be a really cool integration!


This article mentions the potential Tor + Blockstack integration:


I really wish this integration to happen. That would be a breakthrough for both Tor project and Blockstack!


I am slowly but surely unraveling the deep mysteries of Tor’s control port protocol to get it to delegate name resolution to Blockstack. By that, I mean I’m hacking on


Btw, i2p is a direct candidate as well. Their system lacks the decentralized dns just as much as tor’s.


Proof of concept here:


And now being hosted here :grinning: :