Todo List Tutorial -- Module build failed: ValidationError: CSS Loader Invalid Options


Has anyone else experienced this issue with the Todo List tutorial? Any suggestions on how to fix this? Thank You!!


What have you changed in the files? Or did you just clone it and tried to start it? Can’t really do much without any code, but looking from the message there’s seems to be something with the css, why don’t you upload in to github so we can see the code and test?


I haven’t changed any of the code. here is the file referenced by the error


Justed cloned the repo again with a fresh copy did npm install && npm start works fine for me…


Thanks a million for your help! I uninstalled everything and then reinstalled. I’m good to go now


Might’ve just been one of those freak quirks, how did you get the tutorial files the first time around? Did you clone it or download the .zip file?


I cloned them once-- it didn’t work and I downloaded the .zip and it didn’t work. Playing around with it a bit more I realized that when I ran “npm install” I would then be prompted to run npm audit fix and would run it. On the attempt that worked I cloned the file and didn’t run npm audit fix


Okej, then it’s probably a dependency that’s broken, most likely css-loader


okay good to know. why does the application compile correctly when I don’t run npm audit fix?


what npm audit fix does is that it updates packages that has vulnerabilities in them, and updates packages to the version where the vulnerability is fixed, the problem with that is that it sometimes brakes more than it actually fixes.