The Stacks Ecosystem: Next Steps On The Path To Decentralization

We believe that decentralization is fundamental to a user-owned internet. This is why Blockstack is committed to building an ecosystem where no single party has too much control.

The launch of the Stacks Foundation and our recent Clarity partnership with Algorand represent two major ways in which other entities can participate in the Stacks network.

Today, we’re excited to announce the following new initiatives, which will bring us closer to decentralization than ever before:

  • Blockstack PBC to focus exclusively on building dev tools

  • Independent investment fund

  • Asia Community Entity

  • Contribution Entity

Read more about these initiatives and their roles within the growing Stacks ecosystem:

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Would love to get community feedback on the new entities and their scope!

I’m not clear on what roles these Entities play, or more specifically, how they play them.

“Asia Community Entity” is "a group of Stacks holders coming together to “work with and develop” the community in Asia … how is that different from the existing, non-Asia community? Are they called out because they’re Stacks holders? If so, how does that differentiate them?

Contribution Entity “will be responsible for seeding growth of STX as a use case for an internet anchored in Bitcoin.” … again how is this different from what we (the non-Entity) community already do?

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In the PBC blog post we shared a brief overview. I think the expectation is that the respective entities will come out with details independently.

Entity is just a term for a company. Main take away being that there will be several companies in the ecosystem and not just PBC.