The Future of Enterprise Data Centers in a Blockchain Economy?


First off, I am new to and fascinated by blockchain, but I am not a programmer. Also, please accept my apology because my question is very self-serving. I own PTS Data Center Solutions in Oakland NJ. We are a 20+ year old firm that specializes in two (2) things medium and large enterprise businesses; design/building data center facilities and providing hybrid cloud IT solutions where companies utilize manage their virtual data stack using a combination of on-premise data centers, colocation data centers and public cloud (in the traditional sense).

Currently, the prevailing sentiment is that public cloud is future for more than just DevOps, but production enterprise workloads everywhere. However, I can tell you with certainty that to do so bears the most expensive TCO for a company - but it’s easy. An organization that own, builds, and operates its own IT and data center facility will realizes the lowest TCO, as compared to the other two operating models - but it’s hard. Data center ownership is most difficult to execute because of need for upfront capital resources, its overall technical complexity and the need for people-based expertise to execute.

That said, my question. In a forward-looking, de-centralized internet economy, where blockchain’s many, many, node concept prevails, what does the corporate enterprise data center look like?

Thank you for my indulgence.

Pete Sacco, President and Founder
PTS Data Center Solutions, Inc.