Stuck on Token Sale Registration page


Dear team,

I am really excited about Blockstack future and would love to participate in the ICO process. I have compeleted the verification process through hackernews and github. I love uploaded my image but did not buy an Id yet, as I am currently away in a different country. I assuemd this should be enough for the registration process.

However, I am stuck on the token registration page and unable to proceed. It is stuck there for several minutes and says there is too many requests to the server at the moment.

Am i already too late in the process?

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To add, I am currently in China visiting my family and friends, but I am a UK national


Likewise. I managed to get to the “verify social accounts” page. I have 3 verifications 80%. Any help getting beyond here much appreciated! :smiley:

My account is verified with fb, twitter and github - linkedIn didn’t work. Do I need more?
Clicking on the ‘verify’ button takes me here…




Just another user here, but have you looked in the javascript console in your browser (F12 if you’re in Firefox)? Do you see anything like

2017-11-04T17:17:15.918-0500 ERROR utils/api-utils.js: isCoreApiPasswordValid? No! main.js:209034:5
2017-11-04T17:17:15.925-0500 DEBUG store/sanity/actions.js: isCoreApiPasswordValid? No! main.js:209034:5
2017-11-04T17:17:16.100-0500 TRACE utils/api-utils.js: isCoreApiRunning? Yes! main.js:209034:clock5:

If so, and especially if you’re running on linux (or Mac (I think)) did you use a passphrase instead of a password? I did, and had a similar problem (although I also couldn’t upload a photo) - see Utter utter utter garbage

Having fixed that I am finally verified but still can’t complete registration because it says I’m not running Blockstack. Grrr.


Hey Mike,

It looks like you’re doing everything right. Can you try doing a hard-refresh on your identities page, and then trying to sign in again? If you’re still having trouble, can you post your ID-address, so we can take a look at your social proofs? Thanks!



I am stuck in the same situation and have tried all the suggestions yet it continually tells me I haven’t verified an account. What should I do?


Hey @wfweston, sorry to hear that!

We recently (yesterday) pushed v0.21 of the browser, which corrects some UX problems like this one. Can you confirm that you’re using the latest version, and have at least one confirmed social proof?


I am using the WebApp currently so I do not have the browser downloaded. I have, however, verified my facebook account and it reflects that in my account. Is the issue with the Webapp? I don’t have the ability to download the browser on to this computer at this time.



I’m also stuck here using the latest Blockstack release with Safari. Any ideas what might be happening?


I am unable to get whitelisted,


I’m not able whitelist even after verifying my twitter and fb account


I am in the same boat, verified Twitter and FB.


Thank you kindly

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Also having the same issue when it comes to registering for the sale.