Standalone app for Blockstack app ecosystem


I have been a while working on top of blockstack and loving the platform. Check out my WIP platform I am building :

I have a few thoughts for blockstack
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Why the concept for standalone app for Win, MacOS and Linux :

  1. It would have the blockstack core by default.
  2. Removes confusions of using multiple browsers to use blockstack
  3. Enabling the CORS by default for all apps in the platform it’s easy to just deploy the apps to a static hosting and getting data from Gaia.
  4. Also open the signing in page in self href="_self" I get lot of tabs since for just signing in its just annoying to go to next tab . xD

Here are my thoughts :slight_smile:

Take a look at Karan Ganesan (@karanganesan):


We discussed that a bit here: Blockstack App Electron .

tl;dr: if it was to be done it would have to be a browser (chromium/firefox) fork.

In addition not all users may want to run a core node, as it will take up more and more space as more users join and more names are registered, etc, so running one should be optional, but I do like the idea of having it available to power users.

I would also be wary of trusting Blockstack Apps more than normal web pages by “enabling CORS by default”, etc. They are still websites and can still have the same exploits/etc that a normal website can have, so trusting them more “just because they are dapps” isn’t that great of an idea from a security standpoint.

The sign-in page can be fixed by using a browser extension to handle logins, or maybe one day the blockstack browser will have a mini page that can be viewed as a popup; who knows!