Stacks testnet


Huge step forward towards Milestone 1! Very excited to see this released.


yeah,my terminal shows my blockstack version is 17.2.0 .


Step by step by following your video tutorial until I executed :



Hey @Yummyblock,

To make sure you’re at blockstack@18.0.0, you need to cd to your blockstack.js directory, run git checkout feature/stacks-transactions, then then run either sudo npm link or sudo npm install -g (the former is preferred). This should put version 18.0.0 of blockstack into /usr/local/lib/node_modules/blockstack. Note that if /usr/lib/node_modules/blockstack either exists as a directory or exists as a symlink to some other directory that is not your feature/stacks-transactions branch, then something is wrong.

There’s also one last thing you have to do after running npm install in cli-blockstack: You have to run either sudo npm link or sudo npm install -g. Either one will put blockstack-cli into /usr/local/bin, where it can be run as a shell program.

Hope this helps!


I’d also delete everything and start from scratch. I saw that in the “git clone” of cli-blockstack that it says the directory already exists.

Delete your blockstack.js and cli-blockstack folders, and then start the video from the beginning, following each of the steps. It should work then.


Thanks,I do at blockstack@18.0.0 and I would try it again.


Sorry it took a while to get to, but the testnet now links to your tutorial video @Kitsana. Thanks again, this is very helpful :smiley:


Is the testnet working? When I go to I see


Sorry about that. Should be up now. Thanks for letting us know!