Sponsored name 8 character minimum, why?



Saw this in release 0.30.1:

This public alpha release features:

  • Added an 8 character minimum length requirement for sponsored usernames

For a namespaced subdomain like id.blockstack, it doesn’t matter if it’s one char or many. Or actually, more characters is worse, since you can fit less updates in one batch then.

Is this for hindering name-squatting? But anyone can create a subdomain (sponsored name) it’s not such a big thing, even though the id.blockstack is a bit ‘official’ as sponsored names go you could say. (Along with personal.id).

I see many people were able to register before the limit too, I found ace.id.blockstack just by looking a bit at the list.

So why the limit?



Yes. People that want shorter names can buy them in the browser.

You can do this by picking a longer sponsored name to start with during on boarding, creating a new Blockstack ID in the browser and then adding a name.