[Solved] Manifest.json in a directory (e.g. /<my app>/manifest.json)


Hi. I’m trying to deploy a blockstack app onto github pages where the url is https://<me>.github.io/<my app>. I have my manifest.json hosted in this directory too so the path of that is https://<me>.github.io/<my app>/manifest.json. I’m getting a Failed to fetch information about the app requesting authentication. Please contact the app maintainer to resolve the issue. error though and the console states that its trying to get the manifest.json from https://<me>.github.io/manifest.json instead. Whats the fix for this?


Basically, it wants to find the manifest from the root directory (location.origin) + /manifest.json – this is for security reasons as far as I know.

You can try hosting the manifest.json from your user-page instead?


Here’s the solution I came up with:

const appConfig = new AppConfig();
if (process.env.NODE_ENV === 'production') {
  appConfig.manifestPath = "/<app>/manifest.json";
  appConfig.redirectPath = "/<app>";
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