[SOLVED] Can't complete browser-based ID integration


Greetings! I’m trying to get blockstack sign-in integration working on my staging site.

I get to the ID selection screen:

But when I click my Blockstack ID I just get stuck spinning forever on “Signing in…”. I’m not seeing any errors in the browser. The various warnings in the console are the same ones I saw when signing in to this forum with my blockstack ID, so those shouldn’t be affecting things.

Here’s how I’m instantiating the UserSession in the client JS:
const appConfig = new blockstack.AppConfig([‘scope_write’]);
const userSession = new blockstack.UserSession({
appConfig: appConfig

You can try it out yourself at: https://staging.escapeqr.com

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Figured it out (sort of).

I just removed the scope in my AppConfig instantiation:

const appConfig = new blockstack.AppConfig();

And now I’m successfully getting through the ID selection screen, returning to my site, and have access to my ID and profile.