Should I transfer an id created in the browser to an address installed via the cli?


Hi, and first, kudos on the platform and the ecosystem! This already feels like a winner!

Quick question: After installing the Mac desktop browser, I had difficulty finding and registering my username. I’m pretty sure this had something to do with the office wireless I was using because I was subsequently able to do this at home, from the browser. In between, however, I installed the CLI. Now, the browser shows my id, and small BTC balance, but the CLI shows a different address with an empty names_owned array. I ran the CLI import command and tried to transfer my name to the address returned from that command, but the API server didn’t fire, despite repeated start commands. Will not having my name in the CLI context be a blocker for me writing an app? I’m ready to start coding, just want to be sure I’m doing the right thing.



I found this super confusing when I first started (not to mention the Onename migration in which I lost my domain registration it seems).

I do hope they resolve the divide between Browser and CLI soon as I think it is one major hurdle to bringing on new users and devs and expanding the community. I keep hearing about Onename -> Blockstack migration tools, and Blockstack CLI to Browser tools (of visa versa) but neither seems to have come to fruition.

ID migration, ID sharing (between devices), and mobile capability are something I measure most of these distributed-internet initiatives on. No one seems to have got there yet but Blockstack sure seems like it has a promising team and community so far so I hope it gets there.


@woodylewis No having the name in the CLI will not be a blocker. We have migrated all the CLI functionality into the browser so you should be able to develop apps there. The blockstack-todo tutorial should be the right place to start there.

We don’t currently have a way to utilize both the CLI and the browser with the same wallet. I’ve got an issue to track progress on that feature here:

To give a bit more context here:

  • We moved all of the functionality that was in the CLI into JS from Python
  • We did this to enable mobile and to have the browser run disconnected from any on host component
  • We will likely rebuild the CLI using the JS from the browser and resolve this issue soon.

I hope that helps!


Cool! Since I’m a Node architect/dev, the JS framework is important. I will check out the tutorial.

Thanks for the response!