"Server error processing request" from BNS Node


Hi team, we’re seeing very frequent error responses on our API calls to core.blockstack.org

"error": "Server error processing request"

I’m seeing it even on /v1/info API call.

Can you please look into this?


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Hi @jude,

We are facing this issue often in recent times. Issue description: User is able to login successfully from browser.blockstack even though there is a 400 error sent from core.blockstack.org/v1/info username call. We are looking at taking help from you.

Here is our analysis and work around from the user end.

  1. User gets 400 during login through Blockstack browser continuously.
  2. Copy the blockstack core url and hit on the browser couple of times for the username/id. It becomes successful and retrieves user info after few tries.
  3. User is able to login there after.


CC @jwiley


Looking into making some improvements here, I do see these errors in the core logs. Will update when the changes are in effect; it should make these requests more consistent all around.


Changes are in effect.
I don’t think we’ll be able to fully mitigate this issue for the time being, but so far i see a reduced rate of errors to the tune of 0.47% of requests produce this error over the last hour.

This is a scaling issue more than anything else, something we’ll have to keep an eye on and try to find a long term solution at some point.

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Thank you for taking a look. We will keep you posted, if you observe anything.


@jwiley, We come across this issue often on our application.

We are planning to have some workaround for giving a better experience to the users.

Retry mechanism on fall back scenario. (https://core.blockstack.org/v1/names/name.id.blockstack). Here we would need a username to make a request. But the problem is a username is not available once above issue occurs.

Do you have any thoughts to tackle this problem?