Server Configuration for Stacks Node

Daemon Technologies is going to set up a Stacks core node on a cloud server based in Hong Kong. This core node will be used both for Daemon’s internal operations, as well as for use by others.

@diwaker and/or @aaron, can you please provide any specs for the Stacks node configuration? Thanks!

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Any modestly sized instance would suffice: 1-2 vCPUs; 2-4 GB memory; ~50-GB disk (preferably SSDs).

Consider running your node with a publicly routable IP, that way other peers in the network will be able to connect to it.

Also consider running your own bitcoind node locally, that’ll help improve latencies for you and others in the region.

@jwiley / devops-team can provide additional guidance and recommendations.

Those specs are perfectly reasonable for running all the components of a core node - miner, follower, api…
For only running a miner, the actual resource usage can be quite low (with the expectation that if you provide it with more resources, it will use those extra resources. i.e. if you just start the process on a machine, it will use what the kernel provides it).

The disk size is also subjective - the chainstate right now is very small, but depending on the logging you’re doing I’d expect that to be the bulk of your disk usage.

Happy to help you get this up and running if you need it.
We’ve also updated the docs for krypton here: