Registration of DApp


If I want to add my DApp on blockstack so I followed this steps:
DApp submission
after that will I have to pay anything for my DApp or it will be free ?


You usually have to pay only for your hosting service and other servers. If your app will use the stacks blockchain the user has to pay a fee per transaction. You as the dApp developer might want to sponsor these fees.


Okay @friedger so If I am dApp dev. and I want to host my dApp onto blockstack so it would be totally free right? only user has to pay if they choose their own id. (If they use so it would be free) and (if they choose so they have to pay some bitcoin ?

correct me if I am wrong.



What do you mean by hosting an app on blockstack? You would usually use normal web hosting services. Smart contract support is coming later this year, I think.


Yeah I got that point that I have to only pay for hosting service but all I ask is if I have done everything like I already paid for hosting service and other servers after that all I want to do is just add dApp to browser fill this form and my dApp would be available on blockstack right ? and I have not pay anything for my dApp right ?




Thanks @friedger . And I want to ask one question that is that any resource of “” app because that application is live on android play store so I just wanted to know that if there is any documentation or any kind of presentation of the flow of “” so it would be more helpful.