Proposal: User-selectable Gaia Hub UX


Presumably they encounter this choice during sign up. Unless we have a push-button deploy of a self-hosted GAIA hub to a user’s local machine, they will either have to:

  • stop onboarding and set up a local GAIA
  • complete onboarding and set up a local GAIA

This first has the potential to derail onboarding – the user bails to set this up. The second has the potential for users to forget, fail to be successful, and then subsequently cause issues when they fail. Just learning about this option is also potentially difficult to understand at this point.


That’s all true, I’m just not sure what you’d suggest we change here for this release with the design exactly?

This new UI is targeted at developers providing apps for two types of new users:

  1. Those who have never heard of Blockstack. They’ll consequently choose either the app’s recommended storage provider (if available) or the PBC “official” provider (like all new users at the moment)
  2. Those who have been pre-educated about Blockstack (e.g. by their companies) and have either set up a Gaia hub already or had someone set it up for them and provide the URL

I don’t expect we’ll get any real usage here of non-PBC storage providers by new users who have never heard of Blockstack but get enticed to set up their own Gaia hub by this UI anyway. I expect we’ll have to tackle that use case in a later release.


I’m happy to report that the functionality discussed in this thread has been released!

A fully write-up can be found here: User choice of Gaia hub now available during onboarding

Please give it a whirl and let us know what you think.