Proposal: Create a 'photos' collection for cross-app data sharing


We’ve discussed building formal support for collections for quite some time. It’s about time to make that a priority, and this is something we could make a reality in Q1 2019.

I’d love to chat here about a possible data schema for a ‘photos’ collection.

We have multiple photo-related apps being built:

Migrating these apps to use some form of a shared photos collection would do a lot to deliver on the promise of decentralization.

What I’d like to do here is get some proposals for a data schema for a photos schema.

Some fields that I can think of:

  • photo URL (the raw photo, stored in Gaia)
    • this should probably be a reference to multiple ‘blobs’, to support large photo files
  • date added
  • name
  • description
  • tags
  • EXIF metadata

Let’s try and clean this up into a more formal schema, maybe using JSON schema.