Profiles "pending" too long


Yesterday I registered two profile names, “” and “”, but they are still “pending”.

I checked both names with the Blockstack Explorer.
First guess is that the “” has an error in the zone file.
The second profile, “” doesn’t have a zone file at all.

Do I have to be patient, maybe waiting for a day is normal, or should something be fixed?



4 days and no reply? I also registered a username yesterday and it’s still pending. Did yours ever go through?


Nope. Still waiting.


Sorry to hear that you’re having trouble. Was this a registration through If yes, did you email


The 2 names I mentioned I registered via the Blockstack app.
Few weeks ago I tried Onename, I’ll send them an email.


I’m experiencing the same problem.
Firstly, it took many attempts to add bitcoins to my blockstack account, in order to register my profile name.
I finally succeeded in adding the coins yesterday.
Then I sent the requested amount to register my profile name.
It changed to pending, and has been pending for over 24 hours now.


Hi Muneeb,

Now “” is no longer pending.
With the blockstack cli I can do a proper lookup and it looks correct.

However, if I do a search via Onename, or via a profile search in the blockstack browser, I get no result.

The only difference that I can see - between your profile -, is that I use dropbox to store my profile.json.


Never mind, my user name is now registered. Thanks