PR, Marketing Blockstack and strategy


This is how I think about PR, Marketing a crypto project in general (Bitcoin, Blockstack, etc)

First everything start with a central node, for Bitcoin - it’s Satoshi and for Blockstack it’s Muneeb (or Blockstack PBC).

Other nodes have connect with the central node so they have information… And if you zoom out it looks like a decentralized system.

Thing is, when a node decide to spread out Blockstack, it’s a central node in its own right.

When you share information to others, some interesting thing happen, like:

  1. You share information {A, B, C} to people
  2. 99% people don’t believe that you share information {A, B, C}, they think you wanna share information {A, D, E} or {D, E, F}. At best, they believe you in one thing.

Why is that? I think it’s how our trust system works. It’s hard to believe others.

So imo, the most important is building trust system (reputation, maybe), give people reason that you can’t lie. And that’s what Asian Philosophy is.

I see many people are just shilling Blockstack, they have no idea that when they do it, nobody trust them…

And finally, there’s no free beer. I don’t waste my time to write this if I don’t think it will help me in someway. And so you are.

Yes, sometime I criticize Blockstack. I prepare for future when somebody find it and they know that I’m not a Blockstack shill. And I’m not.

I have fully confident that Vietnamese people trust me more than anyone of you. Can you say the same?

I hope some strategy guys will look at this and realize that they can apply 1-2 things in here.

Bottom line, PR, Marketing is good at top level but very bad below. Just fix it guy!