Paid for user ID yesterday, BTC debited but not available when I login today



I paid some BTC into my account (1HeGAMPtt63BFQhzYarsbkXGRxa8fDWc7d) yesterday and it credited fine. I used balance to purchase for my account (which I think is 14JaztP3xJpFo8whLR3WJnnMq617AQiJXr, at least that’s what opens up when I launch the Mac OS app).

I added some details like name, etc.

When I went in today, was not there - it was saying I could add a username. All the details I added also had disappeared.

Any idea what’s happening please? On the face of it, I am BTC down and not up a user name!



@graywebb It doesn’t look like the name registered:

What version of the software are you running and on what platform?


Thanks @jackzampolin

Running in MacOS v0.17.0


@graywebb You should still have your bitcoin in the wallet and be able to try again. Would you mind reinitiating the purchase?


Cheers @jackzampolin but my wallet only has 0.000538 BTC and I transferred over 0.00119 BTC (see link) so definitely short and means I cannot re-initiate the purchase.

What do you suggest next? Cheers


Hey @graywebb

The name registration process submits two transactions to register a name – a PREORDER and a REGISTER. This is to prevent a network snooper from front-running your name registration. Because of this, though, the Blockstack app needs to stay running after the first transaction for about an hour so that it can send the second transaction.

What happened with your name is that the first transaction went through (the PREORDER), which is this transaction:

Unfortunately, the REGISTER wasn’t submitted, and PREORDER transactions become invalid after 144 blocks – so that PREORDER transaction spent 0.000055 BTC for the name and 0.0005974 to pay BTC transaction fees. That’s why your wallet only has 0.000538 BTC remaining.


Thanks @aaron, makes sense. I appreciate the detailed response.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t really say to leave the app running/connected, so this is a mistake easily made. Fortunately, it’s not a lot of money but might be an idea to point this out for registrations.

I assume if I start again with the same name, the app will submit a PREORDER transaction again?



Yep, sorry about that – if you start again with the same name, the app should submit the PREORDER again. This is definitely a message we should be sure to get across to users – that the application should be left running during the course of the registration.

You can monitor the progress of the registration using a regular blockchain explorer like and monitoring the bitcoin wallet address. We’re looking into adding some feedback on the registration progress within the browser itself.


Sorry about the confusion @graywebb and thank you so much for pointing out this confusion.
I’ve added language to make this more clear

This will ship in the 0.18 release. Thanks again for your help!


Nice one @larry :+1:

Any idea what happened to the spent funds? Cheers


They got burned: sent to an unretrievable address:


Fair play. Quite a few BTC holding up there :money_with_wings:!



Hi again!

An issue in the latest few version of the Windows install has led to this actually being a persistent bug –

I document the issue here:

PREORDERs will go through, but the backend process won’t send out the second operation. That should be patched tonight, and if you stop your local node and restart after the upgrade, it should update.


Okay – an update has been pushed to the docker repository – if you restart your blockstack client, it should pull down the new image for you and finish your transactions. Sorry about the issue – the Windows client is still a little bit on the bleeding edge :slight_smile:


Hey @aaron. Nice work. I’m on a Mac so not too concerned personally about the Windows client.

Now onto the next one…

I updated my name, pic and bio and after restarting Blockstack this morning, it’s all gone and just back to with none of the updates I had made. Any idea what’s going on here?