[Outdated] App Ownership (on OI App Center and elsewhere)

I would like to push for a solution where app publishers are identified by a blockstack id. For that I propose to put an array of blockstack ids and DIDs in the web manifest using attribute did_authors like this:

   "name": "OI Chat",
   "start_url": "index.html",
   "did_authors": ["did:stack:v0:1E72AfQC47JaR3DRhwWVaRnguppAsKRCk4-0",

For OI App Center, I am scanning all app manifests (once a week) and build developer pages like:

I will also continue to add blockstack ids manually, please help me to complete the list of developers.


  • that Blockstack apps are offered to contact the app publisher (which ones are missing? Only dmail currently provides a direct link to contact the user)
  • that I am looking for help with the design (as always)
  • better share snippets are coming

There is now an proposal available made by the identity foundation to bi-directionally link domains and DIDs: https://identity.foundation/specs/did-configuration/

I’ll post an update once support for this has been added to OI App Center.