Original ID


I want use my madahzadeh.id , but now my id is : madahzadeh.id.blockstack
also my wallet lost and now is zero!
how can i use it and my wallet?


Do you still have your seed phrase/magic recovery for your name madahzadeh.id? Only with that you will be able to use the name:

  1. Verify that you have your seed phare/magic recovery for madahzadeh.id.blockstack (Check “Backup & Restore” in browser.blockstack.org/account
  2. then reset your blockstack browser
  3. Sign in with existing ID using your seed phrase/magic recovery for madahzadeh.id

You can also try 3. directly if you open a new private/incognito tab in your browser and then open the url of the blockstack browser and sign in with existing ID

Each name has its own (BTC) wallet, therefore you will be able to use your wallet as soon as you are able to use your name.

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thank you so much for your good help
now is ok:blush: