OI Calendar - your alternative to Google Calendar


I just launched my calendar app on product hunt. It is the calendar that stores your event data (encrypted obviously) on your gaia storage.

The current feature list is:

  • manage your events
  • publish events to the public
  • manage several calendars and contacts (should be really a contact collection - coming soon :slight_smile:)
  • support ical files
  • settings across devices
  • send invites to blockstack users (using matrix)

I hope you give it a try and I would like to interview one or two of you about your experience.

Going from here there are a few projects to enhance to calendar (https://github.com/friedger/oi-calendar/projects):

  • feature parity with Google calendar
  • native integration on mobile
  • social calendar (follow the public events of your friends/brands/apps/any blockstack id)

It is open source and free and if you don’t trust my hosting, just clone it! I am happy to help setting it up with you.

While developing I was missing a preference feature from Blockstack. The calendar should know

  • the user’s favorite color (to theme the app), defaults to blueish now
  • the user’s preferred app to lookup profiles, defaults to https://debutapp.social/ now
  • the user’s preferred app for chatting, defaults to https://chat.openintents.org now
  • the user’s preferred locale, defaults to english

Only the blockstack browser can manage and provide these information


Hi @friedger this looks neat. I tried it with my Google Calendar but I seemed to enter a loop. Also, the dialog looked loopy:



@moxiegirl Did it add the calendar automatically? Maybe the button was not responsive enough and was clicked several times?


You know, at first it looked like it was going fine…I was thinking cool. Then these dialogs.

Went back and looked at my OICalendiear. It looks like I got a couple of events on there…but maybe I have to click each event in this dialog as it is processed — that is super painful and I am sure not your intention.

Also, they weren’t there yesterday when I commented here…


Great app. I have wanted to have my calendar and email inside Gaia since I got my blockstack id.