Not confirming my identity on social networks


I was able to see my identity get confirmed on Twitter. But it doesn’t seem to be getting confirmed or saved or something for the others that I’ve done: Instagram, LinkedIn, Github. I enter the confirmation URL and it just never shows up as confirmed, even hours later. Should I be expecting these to work?


Oh geez. Ignore! I wasn’t including my username on those. Didn’t see it, heh. o_O


HI. I have the same problem. How do you add your username?


For some reason, it’s easy to overlook :slight_smile:


Thanks! Interesting, I kept missing that field. Also I had to open access to my ‘posts and activity’ by setting it to ‘public’ in Linkedin settings.

kind regards


I’m getting the notification of “unverified” next to my social media accounts that I’m trying to associate with my blockstack profile to increase trust.

granted, I did restart my broswer and have to restart the profile process (even tho I used the same string that was given to me to verify the browser…?) and I was trying to verify those accounts in a previous iteration of my profile…

any ideas?