No Social Media


I have no social media, therefore I can’t use two social accounts to verify. Is there another option?

Before people jump and say it’s been discussed before, I’ve read and there is no clear AND easy solution for simple folk.

Simple, what do you need from me to verify I am who I say I am? I’m not doing social media run by communist, and the only thing I have is Gab. So what is the solution so that I can use Blockstack?

Maybe make this clear and concise, with instructions…as you’re going to get more people that choose not to use communist social media.



Im a new user and have a similar issue as D. Ive refrained from joining all forms of social media – basically a conscientious objector to centralized platforms. But I am ok with Blockstack. Their approach to identity is game-changing. Im even happy to use my real name for once.

I agree its a bit ironic seeking to verify based on the social platforms which Blockstack is aiming to disrupt. I guess we just remain as we are – in my case a 50% confirmed ID – until the protocols change. Im not too fussed.



These are all really interesting points. In such a centralized world I never even thought twice about having Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc…

Perhaps when we have a recipient of the $1 million dollar signature fund bounty that Dapp get added as a social media platform on the Blockstack profile setup.


I also think it’s a bit strange to use centralized compromised social media services as a way to verify identity or validity of a user on a decentralized platform. It seems a bit ass-backwards.


The Gaia hub supported by Blockstack supports up to 25MB files now. I’ve been thinking about adding a feature where somebody can record a video attesting their blockstack ID (Video Proofs). Then store that video unencrypted in their Gaia bucket. (Maybe store a hash of that to the blockchain too).


Hi, verifying with social media is not required. It’s something you can do if you have a very developed identity elsewhere and want people to cross reference you with other online identities, but nothing about blockstack requires it.

For example, I don’t use facebook, or otherwise any other social media sites as a formal identification method, so I don’t have any on my profile.

The discussion about whether the option makes sense at all even as an option because it lends unnecessary credibility to centralised media sites is a different but parallel conversation: Social proofs: Anyone care?, and you have mentioned you are already aware of that conversation on another thread, that evolved from Blockstack questioning whether we should even have it or not, so I won’t reiterate those points here.