No public visibility of profile in Blockstack Browser


Dear blockstackers - I’m running Blockstack API and Browser manually out of Docker Containers (pulled from Quay), since VirtualBox (which comes along with the Windows Installation) conflicts with Hyper-V on my machine (an I need this hypervisor for many applications).

E:\> systeminfo | findstr /B /C:"Betriebssystemname" /C:"Betriebssystemversion"
Betriebssystemname:    Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
Betriebssystemversion: 10.0.15063 Nicht zutreffend Build 15063

E:\> docker ps | findstr blockstack
deac4614619e "blockstack-cors-p..." ...>1337/tcp   blockstack-browser-cors
86f9ec327eeb "blockstack-browser"   ...>8888/tcp   blockstack-browser-static
94bd670939f4    "blockstack api st..." ...>6270/tcp   blockstack-api

This morning I successfully registered the identity, which is now shown on []. That’s just fantastic!

I can edit my profile in the Blockstack Browser, everything works fine. But when I press the View Publicly button in the browser, no profile content is shown:

Profiles from other members are visible, e.g.

What am I doing wrong? I have already restarted the containers, the error pattern remains unchanged. Or is it not an error at all, but a regular feature of the Blockstack Browser? Do I just have to wait a few more hours?

Could any of you please look for using the Browser?

Thank you a lot - Blockstack is great!


p.s. // maybe it has nothing to do with it and I apologize in advance for describing two phenomena in one single topic: On my name is also not known.

@discobot Perhaps you can point out in your introduction - which I really enjoyed - that new participants are only allowed to post two pictures and two links per topic. :wink:


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


@relianz It looks like the zonefile update was not issued. That could be a number of things, but I believe that the browser version might have something to do with it.

What versions of the browser/core container are you using? We have just made a number of major changes to the browser. Those are available in the tags v0.17.1 for blockstack-browser and v0.17.1-browser for blockstack-core.

Also the issue could be not enough BTC in your wallet to issue the zonefile update command. @jude @aaron am I missing anything?


Profile looks great to me –

– and other external readers can find it too.

This is likely a client-side (i.e., browser) issue. One possibility is that the storage configuration went a little haywire at some point – this profile is stored on Dropbox and the zonefile correctly points to it, but if you use a different storage provider on restoring the setup (that is, you click on the default option instead of going and re-authing dropbox), you can end up in a situation kind of like this – the zonefile points to a different profile than the one browser thinks it should be.


@jackzampolin @aaron Thank you both a lot! If external readers can find my profile, then I’m a full-fledged member of the community, is this right?

I pulled the docker images from quay using the tag latest, I will now try the versions Jack mentioned. When I created the profile, Dropbox has been the only option selectable, all others have been greyed out, don’t know why.

My file ~\.blockstack\client.ini has the following content:

protocol = https
api_endpoint_host =
poll_interval = 300
api_endpoint_port = 6270
api_password = 012345...
metadata = metadata
server =
email = 
api_endpoint_bind =
blockchain_writer = blockstack_utxo
queue_path = /root/.blockstack/queues.db
storage_drivers = disk,dropbox,s3,blockstack_resolver,blockstack_server,http,dht
blockchain_reader = blockstack_utxo
client_version =
storage_drivers_required_write = disk,dropbox
port = 6263
anonymous_statistics = True

url =
utxo_provider = blockstack_utxo

subdomains_db = /root/.blockstack/subdomains.db

passwd = blockstacksystem
regtest = False
spv_path = /root/.virtualchain-spv-headers.dat
server =
p2p_port = 8333
user = blockstack
timeout = 300
port = 8332

url =
utxo_provider = blockstack_utxo

token = abcde...

Should I change something manually?

The Dropbox folder Shows this structure:

|   immutable-a89ea46d2379d65b2c66c32b8ee05a71cfdf639c
|       0
|       1
|       2
|       3
|       4
|       5
|       6
|       7
|       8
|       9
|       a
|       b
|       c
|       d
|       e
|       f
|       index.manifest

When I edit my profile, the file ~\APPS\BLOCKSTACK\\profile.json gets updated, I think this works as it should.

Again thank you for your support.