Next steps of Android integration


After having a better Android SDK (currently 0.4.0) it is time to improve the user experience.

What if your gaia files just appear in the same way as other cloud providers? Android offer the Storage Access Framework as a general concept of storage. I implemented a proof of concept for graphite docs. Now on your android device, you can attach a graphite file to your email, you can browse the files in your file explorer and just anything as you do with other files. Of course only as long as you are signed in to Graphite.

The source code is available (very rough) at

Some screenshots of the integration:


Whoa! This is awesome! Great work @friedger.


@jehunter5811 Would you see it the responsibility of the dapp developer to provide such integration? Do you think your customers will be ok with me (or others) to provide such integration? Should be there one single Android app that provides this integration for all dapps?


I think it is entirely up to the app developer to provide such an integration. That doesn’t preclude others from building integrations on their own though.