Next Major Blockstack Conference


We were pleased to hear that the sold out Blockstack Summit 2017 in Mountain View, CA was heralded as one of the best crypto-events in recent memory, and were also thankful to have had a world-class lineup of speakers and a diverse group of attendees from all over the world.

Due to the overwhelming positive reception and feedback, we are looking at options for an upcoming event outside the US and are looking for your help. At the moment, we think Europe may be our next stop, and more specifically that London or Berlin may make the most sense. However, we are very much looking to enlist the help of the community to find our next stop.

Are you willing to help us? If so, please fill out the following survey here:




Do it in Berlin! One of the best cities, and a great startup vibe.


+1 for London or Berlin. People in Europe are relatively more concerned about privacy and data ownership issues – they’d love Blockstack.


+1 for Berlin :smile:


Big fan of doing it in Berlin. The meetup we had there with IPFS went really well. Strong community around decentralization.


looking like it is gonna be in berlin.


Be sure about that :). I really think Blockstack could find it’s way in Europe as an IT solution to the GDPR (general data protection regulation) all members states have to comply with. I’m working on a product for lawyers dealing with GDPR and evaluating Blockstack to integrate in this tool.


Looking forward to Berlin!


Is there any date set yet for the meetup in Berlin?


@patrick will have an announcement about Berlin for us soon!


Big announcement coming 11/6. :slight_smile: follow me at to hear it first!


+1 Berlin from me beautifull City,


Ok here is the announcement! We got featured speakers like Edward Snowden & NIck Szabo.