New Pull Requests of Interest November 2018


This page lists interesting pull requests in our public repositories. Please make your comments in GitHub not on this page. Thanks.

High level discussion of burn-mining design as it applies to (1) leader election and (2) chain selection.

An “administrative side-car” – an HTTP server that can read and write a Gaia hub’s config file and run a command to tell it to restart/reload.


Scoped Auth Tokens in GAIA


Very excited about this one. When it’s merged, will the core blockstack.js documentation be updated to support scoped auth tokens. I looked at Hank’s example in the PR and it wasn’t entirely clear to me how to set the scopes and enforce them.


Please feel free to engage a discussion on the PR. We want to keep all the commentary together. I"ve linked to this there. If for some reason, you cannot comment on the PR directly, let us know.