New Gaia Hub - Error registering new user



I keep getting an error from a fresh gaia hub that runs off of the disk driver:

  "message": "Error trying to fetch bucket authentication revocation timestamp: Only absolute URLs are supported",
  "error": "ValidationError"

Is there something I’m missing in the config.json?


Hey @MichaelFedora, can you make sure your readURLPrefix config field ends in a /? cc @zone117x


I’m afraid that didn’t work, same error as before; here’s the config:

  "servername": "",
  "port": 3000,
  "driver": "disk",
  "bucket": "mydomain-gaia-hub",
  "readURL": "",
  "__cacheControl": "public, max-age=1",
  "pageSize": 20,

  "diskSettings": {
    "storageRootDirectory": "~/gaia-store"

  "argsTransport": {
    "level": "debug",
    "handleExceptions": true,
    "stringify": true,
    "timestamp": true,
    "colorize": false,
    "json": true

I have a nGinx static serve pointing to the /read domain, which ties to the gaia-hub rootStorageDirectory.


Can you try the following?

  • Replace storageRootDirectory with an absolute path.
  • Adding http:// or https:// to your value for readURL.

The error you got was emitted by node-fetch not receiving a well-formed URL.

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That did work – thank you.

Now I suppose I need to set up the gaia/reader application, because the gaia hub stores things with -rw------- attributes which means nGinx isn’t allowed to read/serve it.

Thanks for the help!