New app in development - YourNote, note-taking app


@aviaryan123 I really like this App. I use Notes in the cloud quite a lot – I think a lot of people do use it.

One feature of Notes in cloud is I can drag and drop a URL from the browser and it creates an image in the Notes.

It would be cool if I could skin Notes…and so it would be with your app as well.


That’s a cool feature and I would like to add it though it would require rewriting the editor from scratch. It’s on the roadmap but it will take some time.

In other news, I wrote something about the motivation behind this project. It’s also linked to on the website as LEARN MORE button.


Just made mobile optimized so you can use it on your phones too. You can also use the Add to Home Screen option to use it as a native app. Still need to update design so it looks more like a native app.

@yournoteapp on Twitter


this better than onenote in all the significant usable ways?

different software are better for diff things, dunno what this is better at,

  • or what exact use cases it’s better at

for specifically textual information-storing, i think i use 5-6 specific software for specific uses

  • not really sure cos they’re all bad, but better than the rest of things out there
  • if they were good, then i wont be confused and it wont be such a mess, and i’d know how many exactly

what helpful things 1) can this do better or 2) can do that other things cannot?

need a clean list of good things (shown by .gifs) that this does better than onenote on desktop to take a look into it

if this is good im sure ill run into it in the future


The edge of YourNote lies in the fact that it stores data on your own storage. So - data privacy and security is ensured by default (not true with evernote, onenote etc). Also, since the data is stored on your own infra and in an easy to digest format (markdown), it means that your data will stay with you even if disappears from the Internet.

Basically, with YourNote you can’t ever lose your data, and your data will always belong to you. You can’t say the same with centralized note-taking apps.

I have written more about this here

Hope this helps.


We are on PH today! :tada:


Congrats on PH @aviaryan123! This is my favorite blockstack app so far!

You might want to consider opening a Slack channel (or Stealthy?) for getting community feedback. Might be easier than managing this thread. I’m going to be using this dapp a lot! And I’d love to share feedback as it pops up :grin:

Like this one for example:

  • I noticed when I use YourNote in Brave on my Pixel 3XL that the dapp struggles to capture text. For example, if I try to delete the “new note” title, it might only delete part of the letters. Or the whole thing might disappear and reappear. When I start trying something it might just delete everything. It’s just super buggy. If I switch to desktop mode on my phone the whole screen goes blank. Everything works great when I’m on an actually desktop though, like my laptop.

Edit: nope it’s down entirely for me on desktop, too


Thanks @CBobRobison,

Do you mean a Slack channel on Blockstack’s slack? That would be interesting. I will look into Stealthy as well, didn’t knew they had something like that.

What do you mean by “capture text”? I am usually able to edit the notes without any problem on my phone (pixel 2xl). Can you post a recording if it’s not much of a problem.

And yeah, I don’t think using Desktop mode on phone would be a good idea. But it works as expected for me though.


Yeah a channel on blockstack’s slack could be one option. Or just opening your own slack altogether. Either way. I actually don’t know if Stealthy allows slack-like group messaging. It was just a thought. I was under the impression it did.

The problem now is I can’t even view the app to see off the text capture issue. The screen just goes blank. Here’s a video.


I just tried it on Brave on my phone and it works for me. So I am guessing that maybe there is an issue with processing your notes data and an exception is thrown because of that, because of which your screen goes empty. But if that is happening, this should happen on the desktop too and you will see the error in the console. So can you try this on your desktop?

If it works on desktop, can you try the app in mobile mode from the Chrome/Brave Developer tools to see if it works in that condition? You will have to refresh the page to load mobile UI. I am attaching a screenshot for reference.

Thanks, and sorry for the issue.


But if that is happening, this should happen on the desktop too and you will see the error in the console. So can you try this on your desktop?

You’re right. It doesn’t work on desktop, either :confused:


Can you share the error from the Developer Tools console?

EDIT - mentioning @CBobRobison as he might have missed the reply.


Project Update: Just added a feature that makes it possible to share notes publicly as read-only. For example, here is the YourNote roadmap made public using the same.


Hi @aviaryan123, @prabhaav is planning out Stealthy IM’s 2019 now and part of that will be self-deployable chat rooms / channels for products like yours. Up until now, we’ve helped Blockstack developers set up a Stealthy channel if they need one. Feel free to reach out to @prabhaav on slack.

@CBobRobison, thanks for suggesting a Stealthy channel and as always, let us know if you have any feedback or would like to see any features in our offerings.


FYI, in trying the app, I found the changes you made helpful–the only thing that threw me off was when the default note suggested I hit the ‘Save’ button–then it auto-saved and told me so–which is when I realized the ‘Save’ button likely took a permanent vacation. :+1:


Sure, will do soon. Having our own dedicated channel on Stealthy would be awesome. :smile:

Oh right, I missed changing that template. I have updated it now. Thanks for reporting. :slight_smile:


Sorry for the delay - been AFK from the forum. Whatever patch you must’ve pushed worked, and I’m not running into any of the previous issues. I did, unfortunately, lose my notes, though :frowning:


That’s weird. Did you use a different ID? Given that the app name stays same, the only possible explanation for a fresh gaia storage is a different user account.


No still using the same ID. Coincidentally, I also lost my blockstack verifications (twitter, facebook, pgp, etc), as well. So I’m guessing it had something to do with the recent Gaia update and not so much YourNote. That’s the only data I’ve noticed I’ve lost.


The app looks very nice. Good like to you, guys!