Network Requests to Gaia Blocked on Brave


I can’t quite wrap my head around what criteria Brave uses specifically to block network traffic, but I’ve noticed that with the newest official release of Brave (a Chromium release), post requests to Gaia are blocked by default.

Anyone with more experience with Brave have an idea of why this might be? There are plenty of other sites that I can access and post to the site’s data store without it being blocked by Brave.

The problem here is any user jumping onto Brave will have no idea why the Blockstack app they are using isn’t working right. And yes, this applies to all Blockstack apps, at least all the ones I’ve tried with:



I should also clarify: the user can get around this by either turning off shields entirely on Brave for the app or experimenting with what specific shields needs to be turned off to get things working. But I wouldn’t do that as a user.

As a non-blockstack-app example, if I open Dropbox Paper in Brave, it works and saves without me having to do anything special.


Yep, I noticed this too. It’s really annoying, and TBH it seems like a bug in Brave, for not respecting CORS headers. Here’s an issue filed for brave:


Ah that’s a sucky bug.