Need to reclaim blockstack name


Hi everyone. I lost access to my username I had purchased it and Id like to get it back if possible. I have my key phrase which I tried to use to restore my information, but that didn’t seem to work. When trying to transfer it from the CLI, its says that I don’t own it.

Any suggestions?




Hey! I’m guessing this is you:

Where did you originally register the name, in the Browser or via CLI? Also do you see the 1GxErkVPn7m4kfNiWzYBPnCLZBgbCYLGrm owner address anywhere in either your CLI or the Browser?



Hi Jack,

Thanks for the reply. Yes that’s the ID I purchased.

I don’t see the address attached to my ID anywhere on my computer, CLI or Browser. I tried using my recovery key chain after resetting the browser as well to recover the ID. I am pretty sure I registered it through the CLI in June.
I believe I did it through the command line, but for a while it showed up on the browser with no issue. After an upgrade about 1 month ago the ID was no longer available in the browser. When looking in the Blockstack CLI after starting the server, I notice that the wallet keys are different between the Browser and the CLI.




We moved the identity location to the browser from the on host process (the one the CLI talks to). The old wallet will be at ~/Library/Application\ Support/Blockstack/config/wallet.json. You should also have a backup phrase for that wallet that will hold your ID as well. We don’t currently have a migration tool for IDs in that format, but we are working on one and will have it available soon.


In that file I see a completely different Owner Address. I may have to wait until the migration tool is in place.


@nhoward We are working on shipping this soon. You can track that work here:


Thanks I will keep an eye out for it.