My purchased ID's only show "Add username"


Hello guys,

I have purchased a bunch of usernames and they used to show in my ID’s. One or two usernames per address.

Now it only shows “Add username”, I have reseted the browser and still the same, not showing the actual purchased ID.



@jzairick A couple of things here. If you go to the IDs page and click More you should see the ability to Add an ID. Click this to reveal the additional IDs you have purchased. The wallet generates the addresses deterministically so they are always the same.

If you bought 2 addresses on the same ID (NOT RECOMMENDED) then you will only be able to see them by looking up the Owner Address on the Blockstack explorer. There is an open issue for that here:

If you continue to experience issues please reach back out!


@jackzampolin does this mean several ids on same keystore chain? what does “2 addresses on the same ID” mean?


Having the same issue here - purchased .IDs do not show up


Hi Eric,

Thank you for reporting this. I just responded to you via email.